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What is the relation between cannabis and alcohol? Is cannabis somehow similar to a distilled form of alcohol? Can we consider it as an illegal variant on the same? How does it affect you? These questions and many more are tackled in this brief article. Hopefully, after reading this, you will have a good understanding of cannabis and alcoholism.

First, let us consider alcohol abuse in general. We all know that alcohol has its negative effects, particularly on the brain. On top of that, studies have shown that it is a central nervous system depressant, which means that it can lead to severe damage in the brain, possibly leading to eventual loss of consciousness. Furthermore, alcohol can increase your heart rate beyond its normal level, putting extra stress on your system and in turn putting a strain on your liver. In short, when you take alcohol, you are subjecting yourself to a host of harmful consequences.

Now let’s take a look at cannabis. There is no concrete or conclusive scientific evidence showing any correlation between cannabis and alcoholism. However, many people who have taken cannabis say that it helped them to reduce or even eliminate their alcohol intake. blueberry autofloraison Some claim that they now consume less alcohol than they did before they started using cannabis.

Some people use marijuana for pain management; others say it is a replacement for alcohol. It is also frequently prescribed by doctors in certain medical conditions like chemotherapy and AIDS. A number of people also claim that they find some medical benefits in smoking weed. Whether these claims are true or not is not known scientifically.

Many of us live in a society where marijuana is seen as ‘blair’. This is a subtle term that relates to a person who has used drugs like marijuana, usually without being addicted, and for a period of time, but for whatever reason, decides to get addicted to them. This is very different from ‘roller coasters’, which refers to those who smoke marijuana on a regular basis, or those who drink alcohol regularly but never become addicted to it. It’s easy to see why marijuana can be seen in this way. Many people who drink alcohol on a regular basis, and also use marijuana, do so because they feel that they are doing something beneficial with their lifestyle. Many people who take care of their bodies, eat right and exercise, and also consume other beneficial substances, don’t see themselves as ‘blair’.

So, to answer the question posed in the title: it doesn’t make a difference if you like cannabis or not. If you consume any type of alcohol, whether it’s beer, wine, spirits, liqueur, coffee, or tea – you are putting your health at risk. The same is true if you use any type of inhalant, including marijuana. Make your own choice. You’ll be happy you did!