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The Marijuana Advantages Calendar is a monthly magazine. Each month they will then retail the issues at a low cost of their choosing. Regardless of one’s stance on legalized marijuana, the calendar creates an interesting case study as promotional product suppliers in Canada and the U.S., as well as countries in Asia, prepare to launch their respective marijuana advertising and marketing programs. This calendar presents a variety of perspectives on the age-old herb that has “reached the masses.” With its age-old origins and its association with legendary magic, this quarterly magazine will entertain readers interested in the many facets of the cannabis experience.

The Marijuana Advantages Calendar was born out of a need to introduce Canadian companies to the world of cannabis. As more individuals succumb to cannabis use, many businesses, both local and international, are searching for creative ways to reach these consumers. A large part of the solution, of course, is a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign. While Canadian laws regulate the sale and distribution of marijuana, there are still strict restrictions placed upon the type of literature that can be distributed or spoken about within the country. For example, a retailer in Toronto who advertised the benefits of marijuana to prospective customers would face fines and, in some cases, even been arrested.

Fortunately, the Marijuana Advantages Calendar addresses these issues by providing a unique outlet for retailers in Canada to showcase marijuana-related information and literature. The articles in the Canadian Marijuana Advantages Calendar are freely distributed and only cost a fixed amount per month. Retailers can choose the marijuana-related articles that they want to publish and can submit them to the issues of the quarterly magazine for free. They can be published online through the Marijuana Blog, or mailed out as a pamphlet. There are no fees associated with either format.

The Marijuana Advantages Calendar, which began in British Columbia in 2021, is currently offered in over 20 countries worldwide. While it is primarily a Canadian publication, it does distribute to countries in Europe, South America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and countries in Asia. cultiver cannabis en interieur The Canadian edition of the calendar is not solely focused on cannabis-related materials, but offers a comprehensive look at marijuana culture and how the edibles industry is evolving in Canada.

The marijuana advent calendar’s focus is on marijuana-related information and literature, with informative articles, reviews, and trends covering everything from marijuana use and safety to new recipes and herbal remedies. The editors hope to compile an issue every two months, giving Canadian retailers and manufacturers with the information they need to plan and launch their own marijuana-related advertising and marketing campaign. The contents can also serve as guidelines for retailers operating within the Canadian market.

“We’ve all heard stories from friends or family about getting high,” says Victoria Czaia, owner of Czaia’s Gifts, a shop in Vancouver’s SoHo neighborhood. “But not everyone has the chance to try some of the culinary delights offered by a cannabis calendar.” Victoria explains that the marijuana advent calendar offers a creative way to share the sights, smells, and tastes of cannabis with friends and family. “It’s like having your own personal head chef and making something fun and delicious out of a favorite food,” she notes. If you have a particular favourite or even if you’re just in favor of trying new foods and dishes, the cannabis calendar is the perfect way to combine your culinary skills and new-found interest in an understated way.

Victoria Czaia and her partner, Jacob Lup, started their marijuana advent calendar in Vancouver after initially starting a candy company. “We got really interested in the culinary possibilities of cannabis,” recalls Victoria. “When we decided to make a Christmas card, we thought we could do this very creatively.” They started with only three colours: red, green and black, and used pot leaves to create their artwork. As their company grew, they added more creative elements: candles, bells, ribbons, and, of course, cannabis. They are currently creating a range of cannabis-themed calendar cards for both adults and children, as well as holiday-themed advent calendars for the holidays.

The cannabis-themed products will be available at various stores around Canada this Christmas, but the creators are hoping to spread the word quickly so as not to fill up their calendar before the holidays. “We want to launch a limited number of them early this year, and launch more later in the following year and beyond,” says Victoria. “We want to be able to give the public a taste of what we can offer, without overwhelming our customers.” They’re looking for printers who will create the calendar with a small to medium-sized format that can fit into a wallet or a purse. They plan on making edibles and other related products available in specialty stores later on.