comment cultiver le cannabis

If you enjoy staying outdoors and getting high, working in the marijuana industry could be the perfect job for you. According to the Marijuana Policy Project, there is an estimated $1 billion annual industry in Colorado alone. Many people choose to work with a marijuana company because they are able to escape the daily grind of working at a traditional job. Working with the cannabis industry allows an individual to pursue their passion; in fact, many workers claim that the lifestyle itself is worth the effort.

Quality Manager: The primary role of a quality manager within a marijuana company is to ensure that all products meet the highest quality standards. He or she is responsible for ensuring that no untoward incidents take place while on site. In addition, this individual is involved with making sure that all orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible. In essence, he or she is in charge of making sure that customers receive only the highest quality product. While this position may not require a formal education, it is imperative that applicants possess a passion for serving customers and making sure that they have satisfied customers.

Concentrates Processor: Just like a quality manager, a concentrates processor is in charge of ensuring that marijuana products are consistently of the highest quality. Again, one would do well to possess experience within the industry before applying for any marijuana jobs, though it is not mandatory. Applicants will need to ensure that their resume contains a detailed history of work experience within the weed market, as well as a list of references that can be provided upon request. This position typically falls under the executive category, so it’s important to include references from previous employers and educational achievements.

Retail Sales Representative: As previously mentioned, marijuana industry jobs generally fall under the executive category; therefore, applicants must have strong references and be willing to speak positively about their past work experience within the field. It is crucial to include a short description of the position in the resume. This description should include the expected duties, as well as a concise summary of their skills and abilities. A good way to get started is by sending in a recent resume/resume, highlighting any relevant work experience or educational highlights.

Quality Control Inspector: The final type of cannabis concentrates processor is the quality control inspector. autopilot xxl This individual will inspect each facet of each marijuana product, ranging from buds to oils to trimmers to sheets. The applicant must be able to clearly identify any defects or harmful contaminants. A quality control inspector will not only be in charge of eliminating these issues in your cannabis production facility, but will also be required to ensure that every step is performed in compliance with local, state and federal laws.

With cannabis growing being illegal in many states (including the District of Columbia), obtaining employment as a cannabis cultivator presents an interesting opportunity for interested candidates. Although the industry may be seasonal at this time, it’s certainly not out of reach. If you have knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry, there are several positions available at any number of cultivation centers across America. It’s simply a matter of finding them!