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When did cannabis open near me? Where did it feel as if cannabis was right next to me? Before I discovered cannabis, I had a tough time relaxing. It made me feel groggy and sluggish, but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t escape the fact that my brain felt foggy and drowsy. For a long time, I wondered why my brain was foggy and lethargic, and then I discovered that cannabis is one of the most relaxing and tranquilizers I could partake in. The discovery of cannabis opened up my understanding of my body and my mind.

My journey with cannabis began when I realized that, although my body was slow and lethargic, I was a high as a kite on a crack pipe. My brain’s ability to focus and be alert wasn’t as sharp as it should be. My eyes weren’t focusing as far away as they should be, and my hands/feet were moving in slow and clairvoyant circles around my body. There are many symptoms that come from the brain function that I didn’t know existed until I experienced them for myself with cannabis. The following are some of the symptoms that I experienced with cannabis:

o My brain felt fuzzy. My perception of reality was fuzzy and unclear. amnesia haze I saw my hands and feet and could hear them move, but I couldn’t actually feel them. For some reason, I got this sensation every time I took a hit of cannabis. This was quite strange and kind of strange at the same time, because for a moment I thought my brain was on “high”, but when the effects of the weed wore off, I became aware that my brain was not functioning at its best.

o My brain was hyperactive and overworked. I experienced my brain as running at top speed and my thoughts were disjointed and extremely fast. I found that I talked more than normal and my vision was blurred and my thinking was unfocused. When I thought about something, I just repeated it without thinking about it first, as if my brain was on autopilot.

So I had a distorted view of time. I believe that my perception of time was distorted because of the weed I smoked. I believed that it had been hours since I had taken it, but in actuality it had been twenty minutes or more. Also, while I was high I believed that I had died and went to heaven and talked to God. All of these things happened to me and they occurred several times during my marijuana experience.

These symptoms were so incredibly intense that I believe they must have been a direct result of the marijuana. After experiencing all of these things, I don’t think I’ll ever take weed again. If you have ever had a brain-freeze like I did, you know that it can be very dangerous. This experience permanently altered my perception of reality and I don’t think I will ever smoke marijuana again. Thank you cannabis!